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Home Inspections are Crucial

Not just any home inspection, a quality home inspection

Trout Creek Inspections provides quality home inspections in the Nashville, TN area.


Interiors, Exteriors and Systems

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Our Full Inspections include:

  • roof, vents, flashings and trim;
  • gutters and downspouts;
  • skylight, chimney, and other roof penetrations;
  • decks, stoops, porches, walkways and railings;
  • eaves, soffits and fascia;
  • grading and drainage;
  • basement, foundation and crawlspace;
  • water penetration and foundation movement;
  • heating system;
  • cooling system;
  • main water shut-off valve;
  • water heating system;
  • interior plumbing fixtures and faucets;
  • drainage sump pumps with accessible floats;
  • electrical service line and meter box;
  • main disconnect and service amperage;
  • electrical panel(s), breakers and fuses;
  • grounding and bonding;
  • GFCIs and AFCIs;
  • fireplace damper door and hearth;
  • insulation and ventilation;
  • garage doors, safety sensors and openers;
  • and much more.

Review our Standards of Practice at for complete details.

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Here’s what we can do for you

Buyer's Inspection

A buyers inspection is a comprehensive inspection of the home and all of its systems. We provide an in-depth, thorough look at the home so the client can make an informed decision in the home buying process.

Pre-listing Inspection

A pre-listing inspection is similar to the buyers inspection, a fully comprehensive look at the home. This will let the seller know exactly what is happening with their home so they can make any necessary repairs and prevent any home inspection “surprises” and keep the home sale process moving smoothly.

Crawl Space Inspections

What is happening in your crawlspace? Most people don’t know. Let us crawl through the spider webs and dampness for you! We can let you know what is happening with your home from the underside. From plumbing to HVAC to structure. We will cover it.

Radon Testing

We provide a 48 hour continuous monitoring test that is standard for real estate transactions. We setup our RadonAway machine and ask that the homeowner observe “closed home” conditions. After the 48 hour test is over our machine gives us a readout onsite, so we are able to provide you results immediately and offer suggestions as to the next step.

What is Radon? Radon is the breakdown of radioactive uranium in the soil that enters your home. Radon is now the #2 cause of lung cancer in the U.S.

1 Year Builders Warranty Inspection

We will do a full inspection of your home prior to the 1 year builders warranty expiring.  This will help you create a punch list of items to have the builder repair before the warranty is expired. We have saved clients thousands of dollars in repairs with this inspection.

Answering Your Home Inspection Questions

Our team

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Wally Rankin – Owner/Inspector

Wally was born and raised in Iron River, Michigan and graduated from Lake Superior State University with a Degree in Criminal Justice. After college, Wally moved to South Carolina to work for the North Charleston Police Department. In December of 2006 Wally and his wife made the move to Tennessee where they now call home with their 7 (Yep! 7!) kids. During his time in Tennessee Wally has worked in Loss Prevention, Managed AirBNB properties, and founded Trout Creek Inspections. Wally has trained with both AHIT and InterNACHI, and is a current member with InterNACHI. When Wally is not providing top notch customer service, he loves to spend time with his family, or doing a number of outdoor activities.

State License # 1498
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Reviews from our clients

“We were referred to Wallace and Trout Creek by our realtor. He was there before we arrived and was ready to start. He was very informative and easy to talk to. He did a thorough inspection and explained everything with great detail where we could easily understand it. We are extremely pleased with the job he did and highly recommend him. The price was lower than some we got quotes from and we feel we got more than our money’s worth. He seems to inspect the home as if he’s gonna be buying it and clearly cares a lot about doing right by his customer! You won’t regret hiring Wallace to do your inspection!” – Matt Bryan

“Extremely thorough. Very professional. Took the time to review finding with us. I would recommend them to anyone buying a house in the Nashville area. !!” – Jim Rohnkohl

“Fair price and extremely thorough. They did the inspection for the person buying my house and immediately I knew I wanted them doing mine. I was even able to contact them several times after the inspection to ask follow up questions. I highly recommend them.” – Felicia Hacker

“We used Trout Creek Inspections before our one year home warranty was up. Wally is such a pleasure to work with and really puts his customers first! His thorough inspection has saved us thousands of dollars of future maintenance. I can’t thank him enough!” – Autumn Ramsey

“As first-time home buyers, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. we had one house inspected after getting our offer accepted, and even though it was a new-build we discovered that it was not up to snuff. We couldn’t have done that without Wally. So naturally we called him again when we found another house that we loved. We move in soon and we couldn’t be happier. Wally and Trout Creek really helped us dodge a bullet.” – Melissa Pisarski

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